Sunday, January 28, 2007

Video Vixen vs. Mob Queen

I was surfing one of my favorite sites - Wikipedia via and discovered that there was a video vixen before there were video's. Virginia Hill, the steady girlfriend of Hollywood gangster Bugsy Siegel. Siegel's nickname for Hill was "the Flamingo," for her skill at fellatio. Hill entertained Hollywood celebrities in her Beverly Hills mansion and reputedly blackmailed them to keep their private vices secret. Because Hill maintained a lavish lifestyle and believed to have mafia connections, In 1951 she was summoned to testfy in a hearing on organized crime. She told investigators that her income came from gifts her boyfriends gave her due to her prowess in oral sex.

The author of "Bugsy’s Baby: The Secret Life of Mob Queen Virginia Hill," author Andy Edmonds recreates the story of Virginia Hill using mostly old journal entries and interviews with people who ran with her. Famous in organized crime circles for her feisty attitude and her sexual tendencies, Virginia Hill managed to play men off one another and whose lovers included Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and the actor George Raft.

Hill, the daughter of an abusive alcoholic, Virginia was basically a poor farm girl from Alabama who married young and then ran off to Chicago to be a part of bigger and better things. She quickly learned that sleeping with men could get her what she wanted and by the time she met Chicago crime boss Joe Epstein she was already known in the inner world of the mob.

Edmonds claim in the book that Hill made numerous suicide attempts after Siegel’s death. She also claim that in the 1960’s Hill was murdered by mob collaborators when she threatened to have her diary published. However, Wikipedia states that she died of an overdose of sleeping pills in March 1966.

Karrine Steffens ( a former hip hop music video performer and actress wrote a very descriptive memoir in 2005 about her sexual liaisons with numerous major stars. She also mentions several encounters in which she traded oral sex for access to prominent roles in rap music videos.

Steffens was born in St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) to an abusive mother, she was sent to live with a father she didn't like in Florida, then Arizona.

She became so famous in the Hollywood circle earning the nickname Superhead by starring in a porn film, credited as "Honey" where she is shown performing a very rapid form of oral sex. She has also starred in the movie "A Man Apart" opposite Vin Diesel and Lorenz Tate.

Since publishing her memoir, Steffens has reportedly been involved with comedian and talk show host Bill Maher and more recently Bobby Brown in which she is rumored to be pregnant with his fifth child. She is completing the follow-up to her memoirs with "The Vixen Diaries" for publication in September 2007. With more revelations including the real deal about Black Hollywood, her upcoming Playboy shoot, and which Hollywood wives call her daily when their husbands 'are out of town'―just to make sure their spouse isn't with her. Plus a fictionalized account of her life story, for publication in Fall 2008.

What do these two woman have in common?

  • Abusive mothers
  • Secrets with Hollywood celebrities
  • Slept there way into inner circles
  • Oral sex abilities

These books sound like a good read....If anyone has read them, please give me some feedback.

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