Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Vampire Huntress Legend Series

I have most of the books in L.A. Banks' paranormal Vampire Huntress series. I normally don't read this genre of fiction, but I was so taken in by the artwork on the book cover(s). It 's fine illustration of a very modern day, sexy vampire. Banks' marketing of the book series is genius - see her website. The cover art is by Vince Natale. As a graduate of the DuCret school of art in New Jersey, he has received numerous honors for his comercial and fine art work that ranges from magazine editorials to book covers to advertising. I personally have not read any of L.A. Banks' books, but I think the covers are a story within themselves and look intriguing on my bookshelves. One day I will crack one open and read what's inside.

“Minion” January 2005 - Book 1 of 9
“The Awakening” January 2004 - Book 2 of 9
“The Hunted” June 2004 - Book 3 of 9
“The Bitten” January 2005 - Book 4 of 9
“The Forbidden” July 2005 - Book 5 of 9
“The Damned” January 2006 - Book 6 of 9
“The Forsaken” July, 2006 - Book 7 of 9
"The Wicked" February 2007 - Book 8 of 9
"The Cursed" July 2007 - Book Nine

A new book series from L. A. Banks!

BAD BLOOD The first in a major new book series from L.A. Banks is coming in 2008!

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