Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Check Me Out!

A comment on my blog informed me that I was a link on the "Urban Review" website.

MsJayy said...
Hi Donna, I just found your blog via Urban Reviews. I didn't realize there were this many books on the market with similar covers (the one I did take note of was Crabs in a Barrel/Tastes Like Chicken). As a self-published author, I wonder if it's harder to find that someone else is using the same stock photo. I know that as I looked for a cover for my upcoming novel, I found that several images that I liked had already been used so I passed them over. I do know that there are several versions of the photo that I used on my poetry collection although I've not found anyone else using it - yet. LOL Interesting topic.

Check it out: http://www.urban-reviews.com/ac-feb07.html

F.Y.I.: MsJavy is a self published author/poet...check her out.


I found book covers that used the same model for other book covers

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