Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Are you a book collector or thought about becoming one? I will provide a series of helpful hints and tips on collecting and caring for your books.

Storing your books

Properly storing books is an important part of their care. The ways in which you choose to store your books can largely effect how long they remain a part of your collection. Box your books upright in acid-free materials and store them in a cool, dark place to ensure their longevity.

Cardboard boxes are ideal for storing books. Plastic bins trap moisture, causing paper to wrinkle and glue to weaken. Set books in boxes side by side, alternating them so one spine faces down and the next spine faces up. Don't stack books on top of each other. The covers and pages can warp. Wrap valuable books, like leather-bound ones, in Mylar sheets. Then store the boxes in a closet free of temperature fluctuations.

Elevate the boxes. If possible, stack book boxes on shelves or wooden pallets and keep them at least 4 inches away from surfaces that may present a threat to your books like floors, walls and ceilings. Concrete floors can be especially detrimental to stored books.

Get Organized and Stay Organized written by Liz Welch in the Real Simple June 2009 issue (pg. 167), Joshua Mann/co-owner of B&b Rare Books, New York City.

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