Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Fire Has Lost It's Flame

Kindle Fire vs. Hardback Book 

I have not had the opportunity to read as much as I've been reading now. I have read so much that my Kindle Fire, that I received as my retirement gift (in June) from my co-workers has burned out (a tear rolling down my face). I was smart enough to purchase an extended warranty on it!!!


This has truly shown me that electronics vs. a nice hardcover is a trusted and reliable friend. e.g. on the airplane...Flight Attendants announcement...please turn off all electronics until the captain gives the okay to turn on...blah...blah...blah...etc. But, you can totally ignore that announcement and the embarrassment of being so engrossed in the book that the flight attendant hoovers over you and reminds you to "turn your device OFF!!! Now please!!" but not if you have a book!


Don't get me wrong, I love my electronics and the future of our technological advancements amaze me. I just learned that since the downloaded Library Book that I was reading (DUE DATE) was downloaded on my Kindle, can also be downloaded on my PC (desktop) and my iPhone. So, I did both. To my amazement and amusement, whichever device I chose to read my Library Book on, it kept my bookmark. I could continue exactly where I left off from my Kindle to my iPhone and/or my desktop PC without missing a beat. So when I'm on the go, I don't have to drag my Kindle with me per say, but continue my book on the iPhone.


Now, a book...a physical book that you can hold in your hands...granted it's not quite as convenient as an electronic book, hence eBook, but it brings me so much pleasure and joy. I play Words with Friends on it, because the graphics are better than the desktop, and I like the cute noises it makes to alert me that its my move or that I have unread email. Unlike a trusty book with its cover and jagged edged pages. It doesn't ding or make noises. It's quiet and helpless.


I fought the desire to have an eReader, because I own over 1,600 books and I was afraid it would make it harder for me to pick one up again. Well, I got my answer today. Maybe its divine intervention from the book gods letting me know that a book with written words on paper and hopefully a creative and capturing cover will never take the place of an electronic device.


While my books are still stored in boxes, until our house renovation is complete, I have fallen in strong LIKE with my Kindle Fire!!!!